About Us

Why FitCare Scotland?

FitCare Scotland is Scotland’s first dedicated fitness company for the care home sector working with both private care homes and organisations who support adults with disabilities.

FCS was created by head coach and owner John Bernard who has over 12 years of experience in both the fitness and care industry. Having worked with some of the UK’s biggest names in the gym world to then running his own private studios across Edinburgh, John has the knowledge and understanding of what residents need to improve and to become stronger.

During his time as a coach he also worked alongside The Action Group as a carer for adults with learning disabilities, the vital experience has allowed FitCare Scotland to have a great presence in organisations who help these adults.

Implementing basic exercise care programmes

FCS can start to implement basic exercise care programmes without the need for it to become a huge task. Utilising basic movements and integrating a large selection of fitness kit, we will encourage residents to move, laugh and play improving cognitive abilities, social engagement and overall health and wellbeing not to mention a massive increase in injury prevention and less need for further therapy.

It’s also the type of information and progression that families and loved ones are likely to enjoy seeing and having a dedicated inhouse fitness company would prove to be a large unique selling point for people looking to have their loved ones staying at the home.

Benefits of exercise for care home residents

Exercise and activities in care homes present a wealth of benefits for resident wellbeing, including:

Functional Fitness: Exercises that strengthen and support key movements can help improve mobility. This can empower residents as it may make certain daily activities a little easier. Care home residents who are inactive or sedentary for long periods of time, can rapidly lose muscle mass and strength, making daily tasks such as walking, more challenging. Falls can often be a common problem for the elderly, so strengthening core muscles in the legs can be vital to help keep them more stable.
Social Engagement: Group exercise or activities can be a fantastic way to get residents to have fun, laughing and enjoying the company of others. Loneliness is often regarded as one of the biggest challenges facing the elderly, so group activities that encourage residents to engage with each other can have a significant impact on the overall quality of life.
Mental Stimulation: Exercise and activities can not only help with physical wellbeing, but also help with mental stimulation and mental wellbeing. Activities that challenge residents and offer an enjoyable outlet can ensure care homes are providing an experience that keeps residents engaged and happy. Exercise is seen to have a positive effect on mood, mental health and self-esteem.
Fun: Exercise isn’t just about health and fitness, and it can also be a lot of fun for residents. Having these types of activities scheduled in for residents can ensure they have something to look forward to that day and elevate their mood.

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